The New Blueprint for Custom Rings

Where does a custom ring begin? With a stone? A feeling? A shape?

The entire team at Waant wore jewelry long before we started designing it and we’ll be the first ones to tell you that most good designs are inspired by something that came before. While other jewelers tackle this question on a case-by-case basis, we wanted to create a flexible solution that would let anybody figure out the right design for them. We’ve spent a long time testing ideas, casting rings, and setting stones so that there’s no wrong choice when you customize your Waant ring.

When my mom went ring shopping, the most she could hope for was a stock sample of a ring that was kind of like what she wanted or maybe a quick pencil sketch of some circles and lines. That sounds helpful, but it was nothing like the finished ring.

Back then, she didn’t have any choice but to walk in to the jeweler down the street. Fast forward to today and we put Waant at your fingertips—no walking required. Whether you’re scrolling from your home or swiping on your phone, we’ve developed hundreds of options and brought them to you. And on the off chance that someone from Florida doesn’t want the same ring as someone from Iowa,

By breaking down our rings into their component pieces—metal colors, accent types, settings—we don’t just let you tweak your ring’s details, we let you see them. Love the airy look of prongs? Go for it. Do you think that rose gold is too close to your skin tone? Try white gold instead. Almost every choice is there; you just have to make them for yourself. Once your ring is completed, we show it to you so you know exactly what you’re getting. Don’t like what you see? Then go back a step and keep changing things until you’ve got it just right.

If you’re still stumped, you can view our Gallery to see finished rings we’ve already made or contact one of our design specialists to figure out what might be missing from your dream design.