The Horizon solitaire ring can be set with round, pear, and oval Montana sapphires

Should You Choose a Sapphire?

Before diamonds dominated, sapphires reigned supreme as the stone of choice for engagement rings. In the Middle Ages, people believed a sapphire would dull if the women wearing it was unfaithful, while Edwardian jewelers chose sapphire to contrast against their intricate platinum designs. Sapphires have been prized for thousands of years, so how do you know if this ancient gem is right for you?

At Waant, we use Montana sapphires that are—you guessed it—mined in Montana. By only working with trusted suppliers, we offer beautifully colored stones if you want more than the straightforward sparkle of a white diamond. Here’s why sapphire is an ideal stone to set and wear forever.

Round and oval Montana sapphires ready to be set into customized Horizon rings


Sapphire is the king of colored gems and our Montana sapphires are hand-selected for their rich blue-green tone. We’ve tested our sapphires in all color metals and found their unforgettable hue to look equally beautiful, no matter which metal you prefer. But remember that these are all natural materials and no two sapphires are the same. Our design specialists will guide you through the stone selection process to find the exact sapphire that’s right for you.

A round white diamond Nova Ring compared to a round Montana sapphire Horizon Ring


Sapphires are second only to diamond for hardness amongst all naturally-formed gemstones, meaning you don’t have to worry about the longevity of your engagement ring. Their durability is the same reason why synthetic sapphire is used in smartphones and spacecraft. Now that’s what we call heirloom quality.

All our Montana sapphires are hand-selected for each ring and ethically sourced from domestic mines


Conflict-free is our guarantee, but by choosing a Montana sapphire you’re consciously supporting American miners and businesses. On top of that, most Montana sapphires come from alluvial deposits, or soil that has been moved by water to someplace else. Because mother nature’s done the hard work, miners don’t have to disrupt the environment and can find stones along gravel beds and even where ancient rivers ran.

Build Your Ring Now

Horizon is our feature series of rings set with Montana sapphires. We developed the minimal setting so that its center would always be the star. Begin customizing your Horizon now or ask one of our design specialists for advice on how to make the most of your sapphire.