About Us

Jenny Chung Seeger

Raised in San Francisco, Jenny Seeger has been a retail entrepreneur since 2007 with experience in wholesale, brick and mortar retail, and e-commerce. What began as a passion project to help clients customize their engagement rings, Waant has evolved into a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience. Founded in 2018, Jenny offers the same variety of options and personalized customer service found at her San Francisco jewelry boutique, No.3. Dedicated to the process of design and the modern-day approach to manufacturing, she is passionate about changing the way people buy and shop for rings.

Bliss Lau
Lead Designer

Bliss Lau's visionary approach to jewelry design is intrinsically rooted in the concept of jewelry as a physical experience — inspired by sensuality and structure. Throughout the evolution of her work, Bliss has elegantly juxtaposed dichotomous relationships — bold and delicate, bound and free, organic and linear— and embraced the interplay between them to create both fluid and kinetic forms.

Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and educated at Parsons, Bliss Lau is based in New York City where she frequently draws inspiration from such diverse sources as the bold writing of Anaïs Nin, the mathematically precise art of M.C. Escher and the elegant architecture of the Chrysler Building and Brooklyn Bridge.

Altana Marie
Lead Jeweler

Altana Marie studied the fundamentals of bench jewelry at Revere Academy in San Francisco. Over the past 10 years, she has dedicated her life to mastering the skills of the trade. Her obsession for perfection fuels her dedication to meticulous hand work, whether she’s fabricating, casting or stone setting.

While creating, Altana relies heavily on the senses of touch, sight, and sound to guide her hands when working metal. She draws on her foundation of traditional methods while also using an opulence of self-taught techniques. For Altana, one of the most enjoyable aspects of goldsmithing is mastering the use of fire and tools and finding unique ways to use them. In fact, she never met a power tool she didn’t like.