Grey Diamonds - How To Choose Yours

As much as we love bright whites, the grey diamond has become one of our favorite things to set into an engagement right. They come in the same elegant shapes and are polished with equal care. While other jewelers think of them as a passing trend, Waant makes them the center detail in our Horizon rings.

What is a grey diamond?

These naturally colored stones can be found in warm, cloudy hues or cool swirls of off-white. To make the most of their unique tone and texture, we like to use antique-inspired rose cut diamonds to create a little window right into the heart of each diamond. And though we love the huge variety that the earth makes, our design team partners with trusted suppliers to make sure your ring has the perfect stone.

Curious on how to choose the right grey diamond for your ring?

Consider what tone of grey is most appealing to you. Light grey diamonds tend to be more milky and opaque, medium grey diamonds have more of a "galaxy" feel to them, and dark grey diamonds are the most dramatic. 

Get started by browsing the Horizon family of designs set with grey diamonds or reaching out to a design specialist.